Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On the road again !

I'm starting this year's cycling tour on Sunday - heading for India instead of Tibet, but still staying faithful to the Himalaya region. To be more precise, here's the first part of my itinerary. That's my map in fact - as a dedicated ultra-light cyclist I am leaving the real map at home.


At 2:01 AM , Blogger Rich said...


That's a great travel plan;) Good luck on your trip. You'll definitely have tons of fun. Just keep checking the Leh flooding situation but I think you should be OK by the time you'll get there...

And keep us updated with your blog. I, for one, will check on your adventures (and pictures too)...

I'm still hanging around the Nagin Lake in Srinigar. My replacement camera lens is coming in on Friday and I'll be heading out toward Amritsar on Sunday, most likely... Directly through Jammu though. I had to leave out Chamba and Dalhousie, maybe for the next time;)

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At 1:01 AM , Blogger Ashish said...

nice plan buddy ! I guess there is a second part of the plan also on the backside of this card :). I managed to read 2057/Phagwara from backside :). Can you please share the scan of other side also ?


P.S: If u need any help when u r in India, do contact me.

At 11:12 PM , Blogger iik said...


I don't have a scan, but here is copy-paste:

1543/Khanabal,TR,L:Anantnag. /Jawahar tunel(2832).
1656/Batote. 1717/Udampur,TL,R:Jammu. 5: ~1732/X.
1770/Samba,TL. #1A: /Katua. /ravi river.
1844/Pathankot,TR,L:8. #15: 1879/Gurdaspur.
1896/D15.22. 1911/Batala. 1950/Armitsar,TE.
#1: /Baas river. 2017/Kartarpur. 2032/Jalandhar.
2057/Phagwara,TS. ~2090/Lhudiana,TSE. 2133/Khanna.
2178/Rajpura. 2199/Ambala. 2401/Delhi,D19,26.-----
6: #22: 0/Kalka. 48/Solan. 93/TR,R:Shimla. /Theog.
/Kumharsain. /sutlej river. 1: ~188/TL. /Ani.
~218/Jalori La(3220). /Banjar. /Beas river.
~248/Aut. 8: #1A: 0/Pathankot. 40/Mukerian.
56/Dasua,TL,R:Jalandhar. 9: 98/Hosharpur,TSE.
139/Garhshankar. 162/Balachor. 188/Rupnagar,TL.
#21: ~213/Kharar. 230/Chandigarh. #1: 239/TR.
281/Ambala. 483/Delhi(sum: 2327 km).

I made it only to Srinagar, the plan to cycle back to Delhi was too ambitious.

At 10:30 AM , Blogger gautammd said...

IIK nice travelouge , i am also going on that route from august onwards , Ur writeup was a good preview for my trip


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