Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Early start in Delhi

It was 5 am when I rolled off from the Delhi airport. It was night still. After half an hour it started raining, really hard, monsoon rain. I was at the edge of panicking: cycling in the night without lights, in the downpour, on unfamiliar side of the street, on an Indian highway. The true hell lasted a quarter of an hour, then with the first light the rained lessened and vehicles revealed their familiar form, not just being two vicious lights trying to run over me.

The first part was a search out of Delhi to Grand Trunk road - a bad part. The second part was racing on a left lane of the G.T.road, trying to make as much reserve in distance as possible. There was a third part too - going through the traffic chaos in the towns in between - I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or shout like a madman.
Anyhow, I came to Ambala around 18:00.

Day 2: 215 km, 9h 49 min. Total 215 km.


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