Thursday, August 10, 2006

What a day!

The third day is always the best. There were two climbs this day: from 1100m to 1800m, drop to 1400m and up until Simla at 2100 m. I called home from Simla and then headed towards Jalori La. A motorists greets me and I ask him about the climb to Jalori. He says the pass is closed due to landslide and shows me another option: the road that turns left just 4 km from Simla and goes through Naldera, Tattapani, Rohanda, Chal Chowk and merges to road #21 just before Mandi. He finally persuades me saying this road is virtually without traffic, but still paved. I copy the names and distances from his map (I don't have one as you know) and off I go. There's a 40 km downhill for a start, from 2100m down to Sutlej river and Tattapani at 770 m, where I slept. Excellent scenery, firstly through the woods, then the view opens on green mountain slopes and Sutlej river. The traffic is truly almost non-existent but the road is not in perfect condition - it is paved, but with holes and patches.

Day 4: 132 km, 8h 0 min. Total 422 km.


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