Friday, August 11, 2006

Rejoining #21 - a hard day

From Tattapani a long 25 km climb starts with 1000m difference. The scenery is spectacular, with looks on green mountains with rice terraces and river valley deep down. It was a true Jalori for me, and I wanted to make a picture at the top, but there was an uninspiring little shop with uninterested owners, so after a soft drink I moved on. The roads goes in a roller-coaster fashion up and down with a difficult climb or two and the final 30 km descent of 1000m all the way to the road #21, at Sundal Nadur, 24 km before Mandi.
I don't know if I should recommend this "shortcut" from Simla to Manali. The scenery is truly stunning and there's so little traffic that you can't believe you're in India, but the surface is not so good and there's more than 2000m of climbing.

Day 5: 115 km, 8h 23min. Total 537.


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