Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rohtang La

I wonder if one can get emotional about a pass? Because it was just what I felt, cycling the last meters toward the Rothang La. It is a long climb from Manali, 51km and almost 2000m of altitude difference. You cross various climate ragions, from the deciduous to coniferous forest, high grassland and baren ground on top. What is interesting is that most of the time you can look back and track your progress - much of the road is vissible from your standpoint. Soaring vultures are part of the joy climbing it. I think it was on India's independence day, so a big number of Indian tourists, drivivg to the pass from as far as Chandigarh, was not surprising. I had good weather up to the top when the clouds closed, and on the downhill side I stoped few times for a chai to warm my fingers. Down in the valley a felt a conspicious softness in back wheel - yes, a flat tyre. It was a slow leak, so with a bit of re-pumping I managed to make it to Sissu when it started raining and I started a seach for a room.
But, the day and its adventures were not over yet. After a shower I changed and patched the tube and I felt a nice dinner in a nearby hotel would make a perfect ending of the day. I went out of the room to the dark corridor while a boy came to open the outside door. I stepped toward the stairs and - fell through! There was nothing below my feet and if I didn't brace myself against the stairs at the last moment, I'd be in the basement with possibly a couple of bones boken. Luckily I got away only with a scratch on my back side and trousers, but I lost all of the appetite.

Day 7: 86 km, 7h 26 min. Total 753 km.


At 12:02 AM , Blogger "G" said...

You may want to correct name of place as Sissu instead of Sussi


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