Thursday, August 17, 2006


I came to Leh today after a fantastic 30 km of coasting, following the valley of unknown river, then reaching Indus near Upshi, some pleasant flat ride and final 8 km uphill to Leh. I applied for an Iner line permit to cycle up the Khardung La - supposedly the highest motorable pass in the world - which I will get tomorow afternoon, so two more days in Leh, I guess. Well I could use some rest, I feel my mucles are blocking.

Day 11: 78 km, 4h 8 min. Total 1139 km.


At 3:52 AM , Blogger Rich said...

Dude, you are doing some serious mileage;) Love your bike setup though. Nice and light, must be fun riding it...

Good luck on Khardung La, stay safe and have fun out there;)

P.S. I'm in Amritsar now, in 2-3 days I'll cross into Pakistan;)

At 4:29 AM , Blogger iik said...

I'm answering you here, as I get some strange forms when I want to post a comment on your blog.
Anyway, I see you're in Amritsar already. I won't probably make it that far - have only 7 days from Leh. I'll get to Srinagar and maybe a bit further and then take some transport to Delhi.
Would you suggest anything? Plane or a bus from Srinarag or bus/train from some other place?

Good lucjk to you, traffic in Pakistan is supposed to be much nicer than in INdia (although I got used to it by now).

At 5:20 AM , Blogger Rich said...

If you short on time, I'd suggest get to Srinigar, relax and enjoy a few days on the lake and then try to get a plane back to Delhi.

There are no trains in Kashmir, only from Jammu. Regarding sights and scenery: I liked the first two days to Udamphur, about 240 kms. After that it was just OK. But I guess it had to do also with monsoon humidity and heat than anything else.

I originally wanted to cycle through Chamba Valley and Dalhousie but gave up on it because of my extended stay in Srinigar (my camera lens broke and I had to wait for it in Srinigar) and then there is just too much rain and heat for my taste... I just don't enjoy it that much;) Can't wait to hit Karakorams.

In the worst case, you can always put your bike on a bus and get to Delhi via Jammu. Just leave some spare days for bus troubles and landslides enroute.

PS: I'm uploading my photos on flickr right now, too tired to do the blog today;) Btw, congrats on your success on the Khardug La;)


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