Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sonamarg to Srinagar is a fast drop where you have little time to look around.
For me it was too fast, as somewhere in between I lost my tent and all of the tools. It probably happend on one of those speed-breakers which I saw too late and had barely managed to control the bike and not to spread over the road. Fortunately again, it was my last day of cycling and I accknowledged the loss only at the end of the day, when I took off my stuff to the houseboat on Naghin lakehouseboat on Naghin lake. These houseboat are fabulous. I was treated like a king - I even had my own servant.
Pitty I couldn't stay a day longer.

Day 17: 78 km, 3h 8min. Total 1648 km.


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